« I installed Cooxy because it met an expectation of the residents. It delivers a real plus to the population in terms of service. It’s a very small investment in financial terms for my locality. It’s very reasonable. I have had excellent feedback from my constituents. Cooxy is used on a very regular basis. When it comes to convenience and user-friendliness, it’s really amazing. It beings people together and gets them out of the house. It’s an investment that I don’t regret.

The Cooxy is attractive, functional and robust – and people love it. It is installed in a maintained park. Now, when people leave the park, they leave it just as they found it. They are extremely respectful
The Cooxy is so easy to use. It’s a walk in the park! The device heats up rapidly. Anyone can use it and that’s the other great thing about it. « 

Place de la Mairie
30340 Saint-Privat des Vieux, France
+33 (0)4 66 86 10 02