“Returning from a trip to Australia, the Russier brothers began to dream of making the use of a public barbecue available to everyone in Europe. In the autumn of 2016, COOXY was born”

Once upon a time • The birth of COOXY

Our Story

January 2016
The Russier brothers return from a trip to Australia
February 2016
They then throw themselves into working on a design for their dream barbecue for public spaces in Europe: Safe, convenient, user-friendly, sturdy and reliable
April 2016
Together with the technicians at Citynox, they designed a prototype for a public barbecue
July 2016
The prototype is born. It is christened COOXY
December 2016
COOXY is an Alès Audace prizewinner. Recognised for its innovative concept and design and its technological edge
January 2017
Start of the real-life test phases
October 2017
COOXY is awarded the prize for innovation at the Salon des Maires
January 2018
Marketing launch and sale of COOXY, which becomes an entirely separate brand outside the activities of the CITYNOX Group
December 2018
Around fifty COOXY are installed in public and community spaces
January 2019
Pre-design studies get underway for COOXY PARKS